At HSE there are many ways to get involved! We seek mentors, ventures and entrepreneur members to join us as we work with alumni, students and faculty ventures. 

Become a mentor!
Mentor quality is critical.  We look for mentors with strong professional backgrounds and experience, backed by good interpersonal skills, who will adhere to the mission and the principles of the program.  Their careers represent a wide range of experiences as founders, chairmen, CEOs, chief technical officers, chief financial officers, directors or advisors of successful companies in health sciences or other industries.  Mentors need to have strong business expertise and enthusiasm for the program. Mentors can be NU alumni from any college/program or friends of Northeastern who want to get involved.

Become a Venture!
If you have an idea in the health sciences field and are an alumnus, faculty or graduate student of Northeastern University you have access to our HSE Mentoring program.  Ventures can apply to our program by filling out the Venture form and  continuing with a screening process. Ventures must be available to attend mentor meetings on campus or Boston area every 6-8 weeks.

Attend an Event

HSE hosts annual events that promote entrepreneurship in the health sciences. Check out our Events or on facebook or twitter!